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- Next training: April 2024 on the parking deck of the Allee Center Grünau -

When and where?

- Next training: April 2024 on the parking deck of the Allee Center Grünau -

We meet once a month from 3pm to 5pm on the Parking deck Allee Center Grünau to train together. We’re meeting on the following dates:

  • the 22nd of April 2023
  • the 13th of May 2023
  • the 10th of June 2023
  • the 15th of July 2023
  • the 09th of September 2023
  • the 14th of October 2023

Ludwigsburger Straße 9, 04209 Leipziger
Take the elevator at ‘Optiker Fielmann’ to parking deck C (at the top).

Women* is meant to include all people who identify as female. We also invite everyone who sees themselves as non-binary, queer, trans, intersex or agender.

What to expect?

You want to learn how to ride a bike? Come to our training sessions!

Anyone who wants to learn to ride a bike or just needs some practice is welcome at our open training for women*. The training is open for women* of all ages. We will help you to be able to ride a bike in your everyday life. The open training is free of charge. We’re looking forward to seeing you!

After some balance exercises we will help you onto the bike, show you how everything works and support you. First you will learn how to safely get on, ride straight ahead and get off again. When you have mastered this, you can practice turning, riding one-handed, shoulder vision and recognizing important traffic signs. You can practice with us as many times as you want until you feel ready for the road!

We’re also happy to help you obtain a bike for yourself afterwards and get to know your everyday routes so you can do them safely on your own. If you have any further questions or problems, you can always contact us.

Bikes and helmets are available for free during practice. You can also bring your kids (and their favorite toys) and we’ll watch them while you practice.

Try it!

Want to help women learn how to ride a bike? Become a cycling trainer!

You love to ride your bike? For some Leipzigers - especially women with a history of migration - that doesn't come naturally. Pass on your skills to others!

This is empowerment from woman* to woman* and creates a moment of encounter with usually lots of laughter. In our free bike training, you help adjust saddles, support, maybe explain basic traffic rules and, most importantly, give encouragement.

Lila Lenker is a volunteer project - we welcome your commitment!

As a low-barrier term, we use the term woman, but we want to address and invite everyone who sees themselves as female, non-binary, queer, trans, intersex or agender!

The training takes place at your own risk. No liability is taken over for possible injuries or damages.

About us

Let’s learn to ride a bike together!

We are Nora, Nina, Luise and Katja. Nora and Nina met in 2021 and started to build up Lila Lenker; they obtained bikes and funding for the project and found a place to practice. Nora had been part of a similar project in Berlin and wanted to continue organizing bike trainings after moving to Leipzig. Luise and Katja joined in the summer of 2022.

The four of us love to ride our bikes and want everyone to have the opportunity to get around the city by bike. If you didn’t pick up the skills to ride a bike as a child, the barrier to learning it later on in life is high, especially for women. Yet cycling allows people to experience a new and sustainable kind of mobility. That’s why we offer an unobserved and quiet practice place where women* can support each other, encourage each other and have fun while learning to ride a bike.

Feel free to come by and meet us!